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Throughout the years, JAG Demolition has delivered hassle-free demolition services for residents, builders and businesses in Perth. Each job goes smoothly in the hands of our highly trained crew of licensed and insured professionals. Great care is taken in each step to ensure the needs of our clients are met.

Our Process

Step 1

On receiving a signed quote for demolition, JAG Demolition liaises with the client advising what is required of them. Note that only the application fees are requested no deposit are required upfront to our company. It is now time for the demolition experts to begin their work.

Step 2

JAG Demolition will arrange for the application to be lodged with the council. We rat bait the property and ensure that the meters for electricity, gas are removed. The sewer or septic is decommissioned . The client is responsible for the payment of the verge/footpath bond. These fees are lodged with the application. Water is not disconnected from the property as it is a council requirement that we ensure the suppression of dust during the demolition process. If a requirement by the council, neighbouring properties are advised of the impending demolition by our company.

Step 3

The council permit applications take approximately two weeks to be issued. When the demolition permit is issued to us a pre-demolition site meeting is organised with the client or builder to mutually agree on the scope of work. The asbestos removal crew will ensure the safe removal of any asbestos that may be throughout the property and remove any salvage. After this process of "stripping", we must arrange an asbestos clearance certificate so that you know it has been removed entirely. The machine is then mobilised to the site and demolition will then commence shortly after.

Step 4

All blocks are raked to between 700 – 800mm on completion of the demolition and the site is then left clean and ready for site works to commence. JAG Demolition will complete the BA7 (completion notice to council )and advise council of any further information that is required, e.g. removal of septic tanks/soak wells/leach drains.

Client Requirements

The client is required to complete the appropriate paperwork for the council which is provided to them by our office.

The client is responsible for the payment of all council fees which include demolition administration fees and bonds/verge inspection fees, which vary from council to council. These are the only costs that are payable before demolition. All or part of council bonds are refundable.

The client is to advise what they want to keep from within the property and must have those items removed before our crew is scheduled onsite.

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