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JAG Demolition is a wholly owned WA demolition company and a member of the Demolition Industry Association WA.

We operate both north and south of the river with a dedicated and experienced team. JAG Demolition can also ensure your demolition requirements are dealt with in a proficient, safe and professional manner, making us the first choice for residential and commercial demolition throughout the metropolitan area. Our team of specialists are experienced with all types of demolitions and asbestos removal.
JAG Demolition has a team of licensed asbestos removalists, and our stripping crew is accredited with the Safe Handling and Removal of Asbestos and Safe Method of Demolition. We specialise in full asbestos residential demolition and asbestos fence removal.

Our team of specialists deals with all types of demolitions ranging from house demolition through to commercial, industrial, and rear site clearances. We also carry out partial demolitions, internal strip-outs, and battle-axe and rear site clearances, and can remove swimming pools and perform duplex separations.

Residential demolitions

Whether it be a double or single storey or a full asbestos property, you can rest assured that we will have your site raked to the standard depth and left ready for the next phase.

Partial demolitions

With our specialised team of experienced experts, we can carry out part demolitions for future renovations in a hassle-free manner.

Strip outs

It has become common practice for internal renovations to take place. Our team will be able to assist in the removal of internal walls, as well as tiles, ceilings, carpets and all domestic fixtures.

Rear site clearances

There has been a major growth within the demolition industry for subdivision of property. Our team is well versed and understands the parameters in meeting each client’s requirements.

Asbestos removal

As an accredited asbestos removalist, we understand the risks involved in removing asbestos and ensure we maintain high standards, whether it be a demolition of a full asbestos house or the basic removal of asbestos fencing.

Duplex separations

 Duplex separations 

Being one of the few companies that have experience in separations, we will ensure that the removal of the unit is carried out in a safe manner without interruption to the remaining unit owner. The unit separation is done in a systematic manner to eliminate unnecessary risk.

Experience in all aspects of demolition

There is no substitute for experience with our company having completed more than 10,000 demolitions in Perth and the surrounds in the lifetime of the business. Take a look at our professional team and high-performance residential demolition equipment at work.

Equipment used for demolition in Perth

For a free quote on our hassle-free residential & commercial demolition services,
call JAG Demolition now on 08 9404 8721 .

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